Check valves allow the flow in single direction. They prevent the water returns and protect the equipment. That’s why these products are so important for the fire systems. They are also suitable for using indoor and outdoor.

Advantages: They protect the equipment, than save some cost from the system.

Disadvantages: These products cause some pressure losses.

Connection Type:
Threaded, Wafer, Flanged and Grooved.

Working Pressure:
175psi ~ 300psi

Maximum Working Temperature:

1” – 2” Threaded connected Swing Type CV.
2”-12” Flanged Connected Swing Type CV
2 ½” – 12” Wafer double clacks CV
2 ½” – 12” Grooved double clacks CV

Application Areas:
– In pump line
 Fire-fighting connections,
– Vertical fire lines (Like alarm check valve)
– Floors (Fire-fighting connections in floors) etc.

– UL Listed
– ULc Listed 
– FM Approved

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