Advantages: Increases the system equipment life and save the water in tank which is used for unnecessary operations. These valves are used to reduce the pressure which is over the limits on the system. After hydraulic calculations, users obtain the design pressure, after that users do same hydraulic calculations for the other areas. In this areas fire pump are selected according to the highest pressure. For this pressure adjustments pressure reducing valves are used. Users have use manometer with these valves in front and back. By the output of the valve pressure reducer ½ ” provided that it is not smaller than the relief valve should be used. May not exceed 12.1 bar relief valve setting pressure.

Connection Type:
Threaded, Flanged and Grooved

Input – Output Pressure:
Input Pressure: 175psi – Output Adjustments Pressure: 30-165psi  
Input Pressure: 300psi – Output Adjustments Pressure: 30-165psi

Maximum Working Temperature:

1 ½” – 3” Threaded
1 1/2” – 10” Flanged
1 1/2” – 8” Grooved

Material Features:
– Body and Cover: ASTM A 536 Nodular cast iron
– Valve Inner Parts: Bronze ASTM B61
– Pilot Control Valve and System: Bronze ASTM B62 w / Stainless Steel 303 Inner parts
– Valve diaphragm: Buna-N neoprene

Application Areas:
After hydraulic calculations, If any pressure adjustment is needed, pressure reducing valves are suitable.

– UL Listed
– ULc Listed

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